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NBA Washington Wizards star defender's first pair of Adidas endorsements emphasize his speed, speed and fashion style on the field adidas officially released the first pair of signature shoes jointly launched with John Wall - J Wall 1. The new boots tailored for the amount of NBA the Washington Wizards star guard, unique style inspired by the John Wall on the pitch and in fashion design, bold avant-garde style shows his field. And J Wall 1 designer interview can also understand this for many John Wall personal characteristics to design. , "adidas has just launched my NBA career best season, and helped me launch the J Wall 1 series, and it's beyond me to have my exclusive Logo."." Wall says." I was really lucky to have my own family, I think my fans would love to wear this pair of shoes to play, it is not only the great color and material, it is more important for my presence can I secretly dress collocation." brand new John Wall exclusive Logo will be equipped with his exclusive shoes and clothing fo cheap jordans for sale mens r the first time. Logo John Wall exclusive initials "JW" as the main design, "J" in his famous Cross-over as a concept, and the "W" on behalf of his extraordinary ability speed style on the field of superman. The Cross-over element also represents the John Wall field under the style of top players from a fearless to a private, easy to close, know not to stick at trifles fashion taste of big boy. In addition, the "JW" logo also salutes his father, John Wall Sr., who died at the age of nine. caters to John Wall, Superman's speed and aggressive play, and the J Wall 1 midsole uses a full foot adiprene+ to provide excellent feedback, shock resistance, comfort and excellent energy conversion from heel to toe. The side full length FITFRAME provides more vamp support, allowing the John Wall to launch each explosive cut attack on the field. The unique Air Mesh mesh fabric provides excellent comfort and breathability, and folds and folds with rip-stop Plaid to enhance durability. In addition to its performance, cheap foamposites J Wall 1 has designed its , Wall, and his personal style in numerous detail designs, John. Contains the John Wall first appeared in the exclusive Logo Cross-over design inspiration, was placed on the tongue and the shoe body. Outsole is based on the map of the United States and 'Wall', across the left and right soles of the foot design, highlighting the Washington DC as the capital, linked to each map on the NB〉Saucony Type A5, triathlon and professional competition style, male us.9 number is only 5.8 Oz, now men and women (above for men, down for women), each introduced two new colors. The uppers are joined by light, breathable fabric and Flex Film technology, giving the feet a good sense of comfort. The midsole is made of SSL EVA foam material, light and comfortable, with elasticity and durability. The bottom is equipped with a drainage hole to increase breathability, and the front sole XT LITE particle rubber to enhance the grip. The United States has been listed, the price of USD. 100 yuan. Cheap air jordans for sale source: runningshoesAir Jordan 7 Retro children's shoes will be sold at a particular store tomorrow. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang 23 dream source: Nike.comNike day before LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual in Transgender) launched a number of products in the design into a pluralistic and representative symbol of the rainbow to encourage respect for human rights of different ethnic groups and will, I hope everyone took a most sincere, so named #BETRUE series, and the exposure on the Internet before the day double HyperRev is based on the conceptual design, very colorful and unique, but also because the main is specially designed to give players the version, so I want to start with the pipeline prospecting shoe and there is no way through the sale of, have to think of a way. source: kaymac_21 / alanabeard / brittneygrinerR Retro jordans for sale eebok Asia Pacific creative director VERBAL launches this year's topic sneakers - "future" series PUMP FURY HLS. The theme of future classic shoes with full sense of science fiction, science and technology together to create space silver, black, red and blue Mars the Milky Way four colors, music creators VERBAL style across electronic music and rap well-known, and personally designed shoes also filled with a strong sense of the future, the main design inspiration from the classic 1968 space science fiction movies, the main tone from outer space titanium metal color, so that the overall sense of science fiction! And the use of Reebok Pump Fury HLS shoe, personal style into the design, metal decorative embellishment on the vamp, and the inflatable tongue is printed on the "AMBUSH" button. "The Reebok PUMP FURY series has become a classic, and HLS is a completely new version of evolution," VERBAL says. So this time I will take the future as my theme. Although "future" and "classic" sounds a little antagon cheap jordans for sale istic, but I think our future is always laid on the basis of the past. The classics can lead us to the future, and it is a very meaningful thing to witness the journey. Along the way, we are deeply aware that the classic has a profound impact on our lives. "." 10 4 the Milky Way blue V44936 price: $4050Known as the " Greatest Knick" Walt? Frazier in basketball feats no more for the writing of his honor, not only born in court also inspired PUMA Clyde's classic brand immortal and signs. With the PUMA before the joint with designer Jeff Staple? Staple? X? PUMA Suede "Pigeon" asked the city, this time with the invitation?? Walt Frazier Jeff Staple 1-2-1 in the chat show in the movie, capture the fragment content so that we can realize the important effect of Walt? Frazier, from the field open question the content can feel Walt Frazier shoes for fans? How important is the existence of PUMA generated from the shoes of the cultural change and thus deeply rooted in life. source: freshnessmag HOKA ONE ONE Cheap air jordan 12 ovo America sports brand by combining light and shock for just one year, have been well received by the super horse, Santie, cross-country and other heavy use runners also measured certainly affected the running of various types of people. Say goodbye to the past "shock" to "heavy" bottleneck, the brand for the first time the runners are required for the important two elements of "light" and "protection" with the quantity, make the runner can reduce the body loss in does not affect the speed of the case. and HOKA ONE ONE again this year to develop new technology, guiding bottom with J dynamic (J-Frame) to strengthen the foot edge support guidance performance, let the feet in a landing at the same time, to provide more support and protection, while still retaining the resilience and bring runners a higher level of comfort. J dynamic guidance design outsole with different density, so that the foot in the landing inside can get proper support, is the low arch runner's blessing. , HOKA, ONE, ONE, ARAHI spr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ing and summer shoes in appearance also changed, lightweight stable kinetic energy shoes ARAHI 3D printing, vamp your inner joints, light weight and support, make design in the bottom of the twist, the modification of the heavy feeling in the vision of the thick bottom, and let the other more lively. , HOKA, ONE, ONE, GAVIOTAHigh stability shoes GAVIOTA advanced kinetic energy in the midfoot block and upper lines show linear coated technology, make both function and shape. HOKA ONE ONE CLAYTON 2 this season for the first time to introduce the United States IRONMAN Ironman event designated racing CLAYTON 2, mesh reflective uppers, novel design, seize all eyes. HOKA ONE ONE is scheduled to launch in 2017 January 9th (a) during the launch of the new spring and summer, buy shoes to limited soft sports bottle offers, and continue to introduce other activities for running shoes actual experience, want to learn more and good shoes please introduce Hoka One One Taiwan fan page. adidas Springblade gives a v cheap jordans online ery high memory point with unique styling, and its performance is designed to give the runners moderate energy feedback. Don't let it come 2016 Boost series' before, continued to launch new works. new style Springblade Solyce separately for men and women with Springblade Nanaya, retained leaf blade outsole for details can be seen in more complex material collocation, vamp uses the massive breathable mesh cloth. In addition, the overall structure of the female Springblade Nanaya is also quite special. To say that the Boost series continues to amaze us on different pieces, the Springblade series continues to maintain its unique style and try to cut through our framework for regular shoes. Springblade Solyce (male) Nanaya (female) source: HYPEBEASTtoday, small make up to lead us into the official opening of the new Yokohama NEIGHBORHOOD stores in March 4th. The overall design of the shop can be described as the ultimate combination of American and Japanese aesthetics, military elements and locomotive cheap jordan shoes for men culture in this collision sparks stunning, through different furnishings, decorative hanging painting highlights the ultimate theme. In addition to the sale of the main line of the 2016 spring and summer series, including ARCHIVES BY NEIGHBORHOOD LUKER, by NEIGHBORHOOD NEIGHBORHOOD, ONE THIRD SVG children's clothing line and Lifestyle series of new products have been unveiled at the shop. In addition, including cotton jacket, Parka jacket and T-Shirt cooperation with MOONEYES, including the opening of a limited series is the focus of the work. A friend may wish to go in person to buy. YokohamaNEIGHBORHOOD& WALK; YOKOHAMAMARINEShinko Naka-ku1-3-1Yokohama231-0001KanagawaJapan officially founded in 1978 McDonald's all star game is America's most famous graduates of senior high school basketball tournament, players must is chosen from year graduate of America's best high school player in, divided into East and west two teams, in addition and the slam dunk contest, three point shootout and skills challenge. Retro jordans for sale Many NBA superstars have on the stage performing, such as retired the Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, is sufficient to see the competition influence in the United States. In the thirty-ninth McDonald's all star game on the occasion of the upcoming Adidas sponsors also introduced related products, including Adidas D and Adidas Rose 6 D Lillard 2 Logo, McDonald's is very conspicuous. And related products are also expected to visit the official website Adidas. pictures from solecollector& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since early August, some dealers Reebok to play 5 discount off the price of 6, the part of the Shanghai auto discount rate reached 200 fold, which is to grab the goods before Nike launched ?????New action. some products below the distributor discounts & nbsp; an opening in Shanghai RT-Mart supermarket Reebok store salesperson said that now all the goods are not more than 500 yuan after the discount, such as a single coat and shoes lowest discount has been reduced to 2 fold. "The company basically does not leave a lot of inventory." & Nbsp; 2 discount off far beyond the Reebok National Agents - Yue Ba (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jump Pa Shanghai") give the dealer a minimum discount amount. Shanghai Yue Pa a sales staff revealed that more than 40 stores in Shanghai, according to the results divided into A, B, C class shops, the minimum discount of 6.1 fold. Such as the East Building, Pudong Yaohan are all ideal store sales, it is classified as A grade. Some other stores due to the different locations and business strategy, were designated as B or C grade. & Nbsp; Some dealers said that now the pressure is relatively large national distributor of Reebok, although Yue Shanghai contract signed with Reebok International Pa for 16 years, but once the drastic changes, it will take great risks. But dealers do Adidas products may be better. "All the stores of investment, staffing, etc. are dealers at their own expense, after Adidas acquired Reebok, we just changed it a boss." A dealer speculation. grab before Nike Clearance & nbsp; Reebok dealers competing Yun (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (referred to as "King Movement" below) Sales Miss Zhang said that Reebok discount reason is that Nike to withstand a lot of clearance in September. "If the three brands put them together, then Nike, Adidas and Reebok in Shanghai's market share was 5: 3: 2 Adidas whether the discounts, not big threat to us, Nike once clearance, we The situation is very delicate. "Reviewed people competing transport also said Reebok products in point deficit does not matter, you can use the profits to make other products. NBA products are fancy & nbsp; Professor Xu Huizhong Fudan University School of Management, said that if Adidas, Reebok completed the acquisition is likely to transform distributors and dealers, which is a golden rule. & Nbsp; In his view, Adidas and Reebok's market position and different, Adidas may be more aware of their brand appeal, while Reebok route in China is price. "After the two companies merge, Adidas, Reebok will change the product ideas and marketing strategies." & Nbsp; Interestingly, the new owner of Adidas and Reebok have reached a tacit understanding on the product strategy. "We have something for Reebok discount inconvenient to speak. However, in the NBA series Adidas will increase publicity efforts." Adidas Shanghai Branch Miss Zhu said, is the NBA's sponsors Reebok, and Reebok spokesperson Yao Ming. Adidas is more concerned about the NBA star, Yao Ming's teammates by the end of August, the future star Tracy McGrady Adidas Shanghai to drum up support. & Nbsp; "Before, we did not expect Reebok and Adidas marketing strategy will be the same." A dealer such exclaimed, before the jump Pa Shanghai as a distributor, Reebok's product line begin running shoes. And for a new agency, the Reebok on keeping up with the US market, the US market is certainly the most popular NBA product, Reebok adjustment in six months most of the product lines. & Nbsp;